What We Do

As a contract manufacturer we are selling our expertise in three specific technical areas’, Electro-Mechanical, Mechanical, and Cable-Harness Assemblies. As each company that we deal with is different, as are their products, we have to be flexible and adaptable to their individual requirements. Although products may be similar, they are never exactly the same and may present different challenges for production. Our success is testimonial to our ability to meet the requirements of quality, delivery and price for the companies that choose Harris Assembly Group as their manufacturing partner.

Harris Assembly Group

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies can be anything from printed circuit board conveyor systems, control panels for public transportation buses, speed sensor control boxes for subway cars and submersible units for detecting movement of the earth in the depths of the world’s oceans.

Mechanical Assemblies are assemblies that do not carry any electrical current, such as worm gear assemblies for subway car doors, float indicators for aircraft fuel tanks, and buffer assemblies for moving production product.

Cable-Harness Assemblies that are used for a variety of applications and products, in forklifts, voting equipment, temperature control for over the road trucks, and aviation. We use many types of wire, such as SXL, PVC, Nylon, Teflon-Jacketed, Solid Stranded, Multi Conductor, and Coax. Cables can be a single wire to a multi wire harness with numerous breakouts and terminations, soldered and crimped.